Dreamwork - Connecting with our Nature 

Tariki Trust, online event 
Thu, 3 November 2022, 13:00 - 16:00 GMT

Depth Psychological Dreamwork is based on the premise that we are all connected on a level that is larger than the individual. Dreams and dreamwork can be deeply healing and contribute to the wholeness of an individual, especially at times of crisis or major life transitions. But since the beginning of recorded history, humans have known that they also connect us on the collective level of humankind, all other species and nature as a whole.

Dreamwork could be characterized as a very organic form of Ecotherapy, as dreams are truly pure nature. As Carl Jung put it, "Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth, and are therefore fitted, as nothing else is, to give us back an attitude that accords with our basic human nature when our consciousness has strayed too far from its foundations and run into an impasse."

In this two-part workshop we will explore the basics of dreaming, and learn a safe but powerful dreamwork technique. We will discuss shadow work through dreams on the personal level, and archetypal dream material on the collective level. Participants are encouraged to write down a meaningful dream before the workshop to work on personally (due to the deeply personal nature of dreams we will not be sharing them in group).

These two workshops will be three hours long each, and they take place on 3rd and 17th November 2022.

Although this event is part of the Tariki Trust Ten Directions training course for ecotherapy practitioners, anybody can book and take part in this public online event. If you are interested, please do buy a ticket.