How to be a Balanced Human-Animal

Tariki Trust, online event 
Fri, 30 September 2022, 13:00 - 15:00 BST 

We humans are a species with very highly developed social cognition and cognitive skills in general. We have a great ability to form symbols, like language, and use them creatively. But we often forget, that we are also something else. We are biological beings of flesh, blood, hair and instinctual survival systems. And it is in the crossroads of these two modes of being a human that we often run into trouble - as if they were strangers to each other.

In this workshop, the workings of the human nervous system is looked at in an interesting, fun and accessible way, with the aim of becoming a more balanced human-animal through understanding our fascinating evolutionary psychology and neurobiology. Understanding the wonders we are made of, and the amazingly adaptive (although often also problematic) systems we all carry, can be a path to a deeper connection with our nature and other animals.

This two hour workshop will cherish the natural human tendency of approaching things in a knowledge-based way, but with the aim that this knowledge can open doors for a more bodily, experiential and compassionate way of being. We will discuss practical ways in which we can regulate our human-animal bodymind systems into a more healthy mode in connection with other humans and the rest of nature. These skills are highly useful both in personal growth and in our work as ecotherapists.

Although this event is part of the Ten Directions training course for ecotherapy practitioners, anybody can book and take part in this public online event. If you are interested, please do buy a ticket.