Imagination and Shamanic Work

Active imagination is a meditation-like activity developed by psychiatrist Carl Jung, in which the practitioner's unconscious takes the form of an image, figure or event. Active Imagination acts as a bridge, creating a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious, and it can happen either through creative work or dream processing. Active Imagination is sometimes called "dreaming while awake". It is important to note, that imagination here does not refer to "making something up", but rather to making contact with something very real and autonomous in relation to our conscious mind.

Active imagination can be practiced in the modern and meditative form described by Carl Jung, or the practice can utilize indigenous shamanistic methods such as experiential imagery journeys and body work.

Imagination and dream work are often a natural part of an EcoDepth Psychotherapeutic process, where the individual's needs and natural tendencies are always central to the work. They can also be an important part of the process of spiritual and professional growth even when there is no need for psychotherapy.

I organize workshops for the experiential learning of imagination work and to find the best way of working for each individual.